Android Device Review: Alcatel A30

When it comes to budget smartphones, Alcatel is one of those companies that cannot be ignored. With their sleek and innovative designs and production of devices with noticeable features, Alcatel phones are the best for their value.

A budget smart phone device under the price of $100 was unthinkable a few years ago. But with technology taking sharp turns in the mobile phone markets, Alcatel phones have come up with a budget Android smart phone, Alcatel A30, at the price of just $80.

Here we will discuss the capabilities of the smartphone in detail:

Sleek Design

The build quality of any smart phone is one of the first things you notice about it. And Alcatel A30 fierce has done a great job in producing a sleek design for a smart phone at this price. The Alcatel A30 is clad in plastic all over, and there’s no mistaking it for anything more premium.

In this phone, Alcatel has somewhat tried to replicate the look of the company’s higher-end Idol 5S, but with cheaper materials. Silver plastic has replaced the 5S’s aluminum band, and the glass back has been scrubbed in favor of a textured, removable cover. At 5.57 ounces and about 0.33 inches thick, the A30 Plus isn’t as slim or light as the Idol 5S, either.

Alcatel A30

Display Quality

The display of 5-inch holds capacitive HD LCD touchscreen brings life to the images. This display comes with the resolution of 720p delivering vibrant and exceptional picture quality on the screen. Being a budget smartphone, 720p resolution is the standard among its competitions.

The 5-point touch panel with Asahi Glass is responsive and super smooth to function with. You can enjoy videos, movies, fluent zoom in and out, and single-click functions with an excellent display of Alcatel A30.

Rear and Front Cameras

The Alcatel A30 is incorporated with dual cameras so clicking selfies, video calls, and photos are really a fun for the users. Front camera gets a 5 MP resolution. This camera is very useful for clicking selfies and features its own flash, which is a plus point in a budget smartphone.

The rear camera can be used for clicking photos and scanning documents. You can find a maximum of 13-Megapixel resolutions and in a budget device at this price, this camera is more than enough. Non-HDR captures are quick, and there’s no viewfinder lag when lighting is plentiful. But low-light photo grinds the experience to a halt, turning the result into a hazy, noisy mess.

Alcatel A30

Battery Performance

This system consists of a 3000mAh battery which is good enough to perform your routine tasks, watching videos, studying, reading, and enjoy gaming uninterruptedly for the long hours on the move. The company claims that this battery kept alive your system for massive up to 16 hours. However, on a regular usage, the battery can give of about 3-4 hours of on-screen time.

Internal Hardware

Even though A30 is a budget smart phone, the device does not fall short in its overall performance at any point. This phone is powered by MediaTek’s MTK6738 processor, a chip quite similar in capabilities to a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 425, along with 2GB of RAM. Although it is not particularly hard to push the device to its extremes, it outshines the devices in its competition.

On Geekbench 4, which measures overall performance, the A30 turns in a multicore result of 1,707. Graphics testing was more illustrative: The A30 Plus scores a 6,599 on 3D Mark’s Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark. Which is a much better performance to other devices in its competition. Under normal circumstances, the device may not be much of a powerhouse. However, it will be more than adequate in its performance with low-end games.

In addition, the device holds off a 16gb of internal storage and 10gb available on the first boot-up. The device has a microSD slot on the board which is compatible with external storage of up to 32gb. Considering the available internal storage, you will likely be considering a microSD card alongside.

Alcatel A30

Software experience

The A30 runs Android 7.0 Nougat, which is no longer the latest version of Google’s OS. Unlike many other companies and expensive devices, Alcatel does not offer regular software updates on their budget devices and it is highly unlikely for the smartphone to get an Oreo update at all.

Considering an older OS running on the device, the overall experience of the current software is very good. Alcatel has a limited customization moto to the stock Android in its devices and A30 is a clear-cut example of that moto. Moreover, additional features such as double-tap screen wake up or flip-to-mute customization are quite noticeable in the Alcatel phones.

To conclude, the price tag on the Alcatel A30 is the only thing you’ll notice. The A30 is about as budget as budget smartphone gets. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible and don’t need a particularly fast or flashy smartphone, this device will get the job done.