Just like the rest of DICE’s Battlefield series, Battlefield V has been one of the hyped games released in 2018. The game is loaded with an exciting war-story as well as an action-packed multiplayer adventure and a forthcoming Battle Royale mode in March, 2019.

With a game of such multiplayer predilection, every gamer would be looking for the best frame rates with the maximum amount of graphical quality in the game. You wouldn’t want a lagging performance of the game in a competitive environment. Similarly, you wouldn’t like to miss out the gameplay experience with low graphics either.

We’ll provide an optimized solution for your gaming systems and help you get more frames per second with lowest compromises over the visuals.

Making your Hardware Compatible

Battlefield V has amazing visuals throughout its gameplay. Consequently, the minimum requirements for the game falls at an Intel i5-6600K processor, GeForce GTX 660 graphic card and 8GB of RAM. A system with specifications below above-mentioned requirements might not be able to run the game smoothly even after system optimization.

The game was designed for optimized gaming systems. The recommended system requirements for Battlefield V include an intel i7-4790K processor, GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, with at least 12GB of RAM. Such a system would be ideal for the game and provide more frame rates. Therefore, it is always preferable to upgrade your system in accordance to suggested requirements.

Battlefield V

Updating System Software

After checking out the hardware, its time to optimize your system software. Depending upon the quality of your graphic card compared to the system requirements, setting up your graphic driver and operating system can increase your performance.

Updating and configuring the operating system as well as your graphic driver is the key step to optimizing your system. Almost all graphic card manufacturing companies release driver update ahead of big releases like Battlefield V. Otherwise, even with decent hardware, the game will experience performance issues, crashes and stutters.

Optimizing your Graphic Driver

If your system owns a NVIDIA GPU, optimizing your driver settings may allow you some extra frame rates and increase overall performance. Setting Power Management to Maximum Performance, Texture Filtering to Performance, Antialiasing to Off, Maximum Pre-rendered Frames to 1 can increase the performance of the game.

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Moreover, if you are looking to compromise more over the quality of the graphics for better FPS, it is recommended to convert Texture Filtering from Quality to High Performance, Threaded Optimization to On and Triple Buffering to Off. In addition, you can also discord Hardware Acceleration to produce better frame rates.

Disabling Background Applications

With background applications clustering over your RAM, your system performance over any game can become lousy. Disabling these applications will help you gain more frame rates and enhance performance of the game. Windows Update Delivery and OneDrive are one of the few examples of background programs slowing down your PC.

Additionally, in case you have Google Chrome installed, your performance is expected to be significantly low as Chrome executed programs consumes too many resources. Disabling Hardware Acceleration when Available in advanced settings of the browser can help your frame rates grow significantly. Moreover, cleaning temporary files will allow more resources for your game.

Battlefield V

Enhancing In-Game Settings

Battlefield V has a diverse range of in-game settings to help you balance out your frame rates against the quality of visuals for better performance of the game over your gaming system. Meanwhile, many settings do not affect your system performance but help your gaming experience.

Fullscreen Mode: Use Fullscreen mode only. Windowed full-screen mode may lower your frame rates significantly. Hence, for smooth running of Battlefield V, always use Fullscreen.

Fullscreen Device: Pick your monitor as your primary device.

Fullscreen Resolution: Select the resolution according to your graphic card and monitor. Most of the PC gamers use 1920×1080 display for Battlefield V. It is preferable to select highest resolution and refresh rate that your monitor supports. However, if your frame. rates are not up to standards, you may consider lowering display resolution as it will drastically boost up your system efficiency while playing Battlefield V.

Brightness: Brightness does not always affect your system performance but it helps in gamer’s experience.

FOV: Field of View is your horizontal view angle for the player. More FOV will provide more area view from left to right and consequently, utilize more computer resources and affect your performance. For competitive gamers, it is highly recommended to set FOV at 90.

Vehicle 3P FOV: The third-person vehicle field of view angle in Battlefield V is recommended to be kept at 90.

ASD Field of View: Turn ASD Field of View on. It will scale ASD Field of View in accordance of your primary FOV settings.

Motion Blur: As much as it seems creative to have motion blur in a shooting game, it is highly troubling for a competitive gamer. It is recommended for Motion Blur to be 0 to have clear and stable images over fast turns.

Weapon DOF: This feature adds an extra depth of field while using weaponry and consumes more resources. Keep this Off for a better performance.

Chromatic Aberration: It is essentially a visual effect seeming like 3D image. It distorts the game image and is recommended to be turned Off.

Film Grain: This adds details of random optical texture of grain and clutters your system performance. It is recommended to be kept Off.

Vignette: As a competitive gamers, blurriness and shadings over the edges can be annoying. Therefore, Vignette should be turned Off.

Hud Background Opacity: This does not affect performance and relies on gamer’s native. We recommend to keep it at 30.

Lens Distortion: Less distractions and clutters, better performance and competitive gaming. Turn it Off.

Battlefield V

All of the above-mentioned settings will least affect your visuals while playing Battlefield V and increase FPS at least by 10-15%. If your system still lags in performance, we recommend reducing graphics like texture, lighting, antialiasing and post process quality as it will help more frames per second. It is highly recommended that you restart your system after all these optimizations.

In conclusion, Battlefield V has high quality graphics and a variety of options to balance out your visuals with your frame rates. If you are a competitive gamer, you will never be short of frame rates in these optimizations. On contrary, if you just want to enjoy the game, these optimizations will provide better performance and good graphics.