Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite 2019

Since 2017 the world of video games has been shaken by the invasion of a shooter-survival game which has turned into the most sensational and popular game of the last times; we are talking about Fortnite (although we guess you have already known that). This highly competitive game has a huge amount of players who are increasing day after day.

The game is being followed worldwide not just by common people but several celebrities has become addicted to the title and millions of people are following several channels of players in different Internet services such as YouTube and Twitch. And that is just the tip of the iceberg; the huge amount of players is proportional to the amount of money the game generates all over the world.

Furthermore, due to these facts (celebrities playing the game and the profits you can get as a player) there is an increase of players on a daily basis. And many companies are taking advantage of this trend producing different peripherals to ease the joy and playing time of this game and its three variations: Save the World, Battle Royale, and the Creative one.

One of the gadgets which is a must into playing the game is a good mouse and the manufacturers know about it and the products offered in this area are varied with specific characteristics for each one of them.

In the following lines, you can check some of the most relevant mice produced with the simple purpose of offering a faster reaction to the game, a better performance and enhancing the experience of playing it.

The best gaming mice for Fortnite in this 2019

Logitech G502

It is considered the best of the gaming mouse for Fortnite thanks to several specific characteristics such as its 11 buttons, a 200 – 12000 DPI, and an adjustable weight system. Besides these features, this mouse is affordable with a price that is totally reasonable, with the added fast speed it has at the moment of playing.

Logitech G502

Some of its most important features are:

  1. Gaming Sensor: the accuracy of the mouse is due to advanced power optical gaming sensor which enables the translation of the hand movements with high precision at the moment of aiming your opponents in the game and shoot them.
  2. Weight: Its adjustable weight system allows you to turn the mouse into a lighter or a heavier one, according to your personal preferences. It also fits perfectly in your hand.
  3. Resolution: With a DPI range of 200 – 12000 makes it the highest resolution mouse for Fortnite in the market. The adjustment of the resolution can be done using the Logitech’s gaming software.
  4. Programmable buttons: the mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons with the whole intention of providing a great creative experience while playing. It also has an adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel giving the player faster and more accurate movements.
  5. Besides the features mentioned above, the mouse also includes RGB lighting, the above mentioned Logitech’s gaming software, customized lighting, and some many other options to give you a good time playing Fortnite. This is a good investment, due to the several great characteristics possessed by this mouse. Although, the mouse is not being offered for left-handed people – which is considered its main defect.

SteelSeries Rival 700

This is another of the versatile FPS gaming mouse offered in the market, with a great number of features making it a great option for sharpshooters who want to track down their enemies with precise movements. These features are encased in a modern a simple design, made with high-quality materials giving the device uniqueness and a sturdy characteristic. It has been built with the idea of fitting perfectly in a larger grown-up hand.

 SteelSeries Rival 700

Some of those relevant features in the mouse are:

  1. OLED Display: this gaming mouse comes with OLED display on one of the side of the mouse where you can see while playing a custom message, actual ammunition or health.
  2. Tactile Alerts: This mouse comes in with a physical alarms characteristic that permits feeling the game and giving a more comfortable and accurate sense to the aiming and movement of the cursor. Other features from this second best gaming mouse for Fortnite are an acceleration of 50g and a polling rate of 1ms(1000Hz)
  3. CPI: Based on the CPI, the mouse resolutions reach a 100 to 16000 range, allowing the enhancement of the movement speed of the cursor. Besides that, the presence of RGB illumination turns the experience more vivid.
  4. Optical Sensor: This device has a PME3360 gaming optical sensor which gives the opportunity to out-perform your opponents at the moment of playing the game
  5. Additionally, this mouse includes swappable parts, custom nameplate option, customizable OLED panel, real time statistics and on the fly customization.

Nevertheless it seems to be a quite simple mouse, its varied advanced features makes it one the best gaming mouse for Fortnite, however it is a little bit more expensive for most of the players.

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Logitech G Pro

One of the most important companies in producing some of the best advanced gaming mice is Logitech, and the Logitech G Pro falls into one of the best gaming mouse for Fortnite and other online and computer games. Its smooth design along with several impressive features makes this mouse one of the best options to take at the moment of buying one for your Fortnite experience.

Logitech G Pro

Its main features are:

  1. DPI/Gaming Sensor: This devices is characterized from possessing an advanced gaming PMW3366 sensor with a DPI range of 200-12000 perfect for high accuracy for real fast games
  2. Metal Spring Button: In order to provide a reliable and consistent clicking performance, the mouse is provided with a metal spring button tensioning system – ideal for gamers.
  3. Programming Buttons: The device has a total number of six (06) programming controls which allow binding the most used function for easy access. 

 It also includes a16.8 million colors RGB lighting, advanced gaming sensor, onboard memory and Logitech gaming software in order to handle the mouse efficiently. It is best suitable for playing fps games easily with a blink of an eye tracking movement giving you a perfect accuracy at shooting. Its light weight imposes as one of the pros while its little bit small size is considered a con.

Corsair M65 Pro

One of the best wired gaming mice for Fortnite is offered by Corsair with the M65 model. It is considered, by gamers, as a perfectly suitable device for those who want to eliminate their opponents with precise movements. Its unique design and its bright black color makes a truly attractive device with a high quality manufacturing.

Corsair M65 Pro

The most important features possess by the mouse are:

  1. DPI/Gaming Sensor: With a 12000 DPI scope with a custom tuned, gaming grade pixel precise sensor, the mouse provides perfect movements and accuracy shots.
  2. Structure: Made with an aluminum material, this mouse turns out to be one of the easiest and lighter devices to use.
  3. Advanced Weight Tuning System: Taking advantage of this feature, you can adjust the center of gravity according to you preferences
  4. Optimized Sniper Button: The mouse is provided with a unique sniper button which permits you to move along several DPI modes in order to match the speed with the game situation at once.    
  5. Furthermore, the device comes with harness power cue, eight programmable buttons; high-capacity Omrom switches with 20 million clicks, and many more.

The only defect that this mouse would present is the loose feeling you experience while scrolling.

BenQ Zowie EC2-A

Especially designed for FPS gamers, this mouse gives them the enjoyment of shooting on Fortnite with exact accuracy. The design is very simple, but it features strong characteristics that make it perfect for the simple purpose of gaming.

BenQ Zowie EC2-A

These are some of the most important features of this mouse:

  1. Ergonomic Design: It is designed with an ergonomic right-hand, especial for those with bigger hands than average.
  2. Plug and Play: Installing the mouse does not longer require drivers to be presented in the computer in order to handle the mouse with precision. Just plug the mouse to your computer and start playing.
  3. DPI:  A DPI range is placed in the range of the 400 to 3200, a low quantity when it is compared to other gaming mice; but it is not ruled out by most of gamers, who considered this mouse in the average position, is fine to be used.
  4. Buttons: Five programming controls are available on this device, allowing the owner the total control of the game in the organization and managerial aspects.
  5. Additionally, the mouse includes a 16-step scroll wheel, adjustable USB report rate, and 2m cable length

Well, the device may not look pretty original, but it has some features that allow gamers the improvement of their gaming. Although, the mouse possesses a high sensitive gaming sensor; its narrow DPI range and its small size are two of the most annoying features of the mouse.

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Logitech G900

One of the best gaming mice for Fortnite in the wireless section is in charge of a company which is not a stranger in this field: Logitech. The company heard some of the gamers’ complaints and bet on the wireless device to satisfy its audience. Gamers say that wires do not allow smooth moves (although no true at all), that is why they prefer dealing with a wireless mouse to get better accuracy and performance as well. With a stylish design and pretty much advanced feature, this is the mouse people were asking for during a very long time.

Logitech G900

The most important aspects of this mouse are:

  1. Wired/Wireless: The mouse provides you the chance to switch from a wired device into a wireless one. It is your choice to decide the kind of mouse you want to use at the moment of playing. The change is very fast, being performed with just a simple move.
  2. Gaming Sensor: The mouse is featured with one of the most advanced gaming sensors: the PMW3366 optical sensor. This sensor is getting high appreciation from many pro gamers and video game followers.
  3. DPI: It is provided with a high DPI resolution that can be set and customized according to your preferences. The DPI range lies in the 200 to 12000 section, an exceptional range for a FPS gaming mouse.
  4. Battery Life: As part of Logitech G’s exclusive battery saving, the mouse offers you a 32 hour duration time for 1 charge. It is an amazing amount of time for playing a game with a wireless device. The Clock Tuning Technology allows you to play during the whole weekend with just one single charge.
  5. Customizable RGB lighting, physical button layout, pivot button design, 11 programmable buttons and ultrafast scrolling wheel are some of the other important features from this device.

All of these characteristics give the mouse a price that could not be afforded by everyone, but it is worth the while trying to get one of the best gaming mice in the wireless department. Once you get it, there is not going any regret.

So there you have six of the best gaming mice for Fortnite that are available in the market, check with true care each one of the descriptions provided here and, it is possible, try to speak with you gaming friends telling your decision to enter into the world of Fortnite and what sort of mouse they would recommend you to get.

Other facts that you have to take into account are the experience you have got in the video game world, as well as your ability playing them; especially with a game as Fortnite whose followers and gamers are higher day after day, making it harder (but not impossible) achieving success by playing – whether we are speaking on collecting points, awards and victories or getting money by participating in different contest and events related to the Fortnite where good prizes are the main motivation of those who decided to get into the amazing world of video games.