Choosing The Best CPU Cooler 2019

In the evolving world of gaming and high-end graphics in PCs, adequate, and even overkill, cooling is more important than ever. Most of the CPUs in the market tend to throttle under overheating conditions. However, many of these newer generation CPUs exhibit boosted performances in cooler temperatures. So, if you are looking to over-clock your GPUs for intensive graphics, here are some of the best CPU coolers available in the market.

What to Look For in The Best CPU Cooler?

As the name suggests, CPU coolers, being one of the most essential components for your gaming computer, dissipate the heat produced by the intensive workload on your CPU and graphics processor and drops the temperature for a consistent performance. Generally, case fans and heat sinks are present in any traditional PC setup that maintain the overall temperature of the PC case. But CPU coolers are specifically required for individual cooling, also termed as spot cooling, for heat generating components.

For many PC gamers, the stock cooling options that come bundled with their store-bought PC are good enough, especially if you’re not playing graphically-intensive games on a regular basis. However, for a professional PC gamer, the stock cooling options often lack in power. These CPU cooling devices are often categorized in two types: air-based CPU cooler and liquid-based CPU cooler.

An air-based CPU cooler is basically a combination of an air fan connected with a heat sink that discharges the heat from the hot components such as GPU and processor of your gaming system. These air coolers are efficiently boost up the performance of your computer with a steady decrease in temperature of 15 to 20 degrees.

However, for much intensive gamers, air-based CPU coolers are not as competent for the job. This is where liquid-based CPU coolers kicks in. A liquid-based cooling system is quieter than an air-based cooling system since you are not running fans at high RPM. These liquid-based CPU coolers utilize antifreeze solutions, such as distilled water, to transfer the heat away from the system. This is why they are hazardous as compared to air-based coolers as they can affect your expensive machinery. Nevertheless, many modern liquid CPU coolers have well coated pipes and safely drops the temperature of your system to maximum efficiency.

The Best Air CPU Cooler – Noctua NH-D15

Noctua is one of the world’s most renowned cooler manufacturers. The company is especially well known for their high end and specialty products, aimed to those seeking extreme performance and or very low noise solutions. And Noctua’s NH-D15 is one of the best air coolers from the brand. May it be over-clocking or running high-end graphics in your GPU, this amazing CPU cooler has you covered.

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15 has an integrated piping system with 6 heat-pipes driving the heat away from your computer towards the sink. With such a strong cooling system installed in your CPU, you can practically stop worrying about the heat while gaming. And as the brand reputation suggests, Noctua’s NH-D15 140mm dual fan system is extremely quiet. May it be over-clocking your CPU or gaming for longer periods of time, your system will be kept cool with this best CPU air cooler.

Top Rated Air CPU Cooler – Cooler Master MA610P RGB

When it comes to Air CPU cooling, Cool Master is a combination of performance and beauty. The Cool Master MasterAir MA610P RGB air cooler is one of the best air-cooling systems available in the market. The CPU cooler features a single tower heatsink, dual 120mm fans, 6 copper heat pipes and a RGB controller, satisfying the needs of the gamer inside you, all in an affordable price.

Cooler Master MA610P RGB

The cooling system never exceeds the noise level of 35dB which is quite outstanding considering the two strong fans installed at the system functioning at 1800 RPM. The MasterAir MA610P RGB cooling system will ensure that your CPU is running at maximum efficiency.

Best budget CPU cooler – Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

A well-known and well-proven CPU heatsink in the computer world is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. For those looking for a cooler with a budget price, the Hyper 212 EVO is hands down the most recommended model for both price and performance. This inexpensive cooler is introduced with a newly innovated technology termed as Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) which eliminates the gaps between the heat pipes and increasing cooling efficiently.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Hyper 212 EVO is powered with a 120mm pulse-width modulation fan for the cooling mechanism, which in fact is not the quietest in the market. However, the sound never exceeds the limit of 39dB which is still very practical for your gaming system. The price range of this budget CPU cooling device has inspired its addition in Amazon’s best-selling air CPU coolers category.

Best Liquid CPU Cooler – Corsair Hydro Series H60

It is hard to make a list of important computer components and keep Corsair out of the picture. The Corsair Hydro Series has one of the best CPU cooling devices that you can use in your gaming system, especially the Corsair H60. This high-end liquid CPU cooler has a radiator size of roughly around 120mm and doesn’t generate noise more than 31dB, which is ideal for PC gamers.

Corsair Hydro Series H60

This liquid CPU cooler takes the notion of tool-free installation one step further by using a magnetic kit, meaning that even CPU cooler novices will have no problem attaching this product to their CPU. With thermal compound already applied at the factory, this CPU cooler is ready to install the moment you take it out of the box.

Best CPU Cooler – Corsair Hydro H115i Pro

Corsair hasn’t been shy about introducing their new Hydro Series coolers and the Hydro H115i Pro is one of the most innovative additions to this series. This latest offering features an RGB LED illuminated pump along with RGB LED equipped ML series fans. Featuring a 280 mm radiator with dual 140 mm fans, these high-quality aluminum structure will dissipate the heat expertly.

Corsair Hydro H115i Pro

In addition to the superior fans, the cooler packs a thermally-optimized cold plate, a lower-noise pump, and compared to the firm’s popular 240mm units, the surface area of the 322mm x 137mm x 27mm radiator bodes well for performance. This duo of Corsair ML Pro RGB blowers connects via four-pin headers and offer speeds up to 2,000rpm, and an airflow rating of up to 97 cubic feet per minute. As an icing on the top, these fans are noiseless with their noise limit of 21dB.

The graphics technology has evolved quite drastically in the last few years and CPU cooling systems have increased in popularity for their usage. The market is flooded with many cooling systems, but the above-mentioned coolers are best in their respective categories.