Choosing The Best Fan Controller 2019

Gaming PC is a dream of every gamer, but with the gaming pc you also need an RGB fan to keep your PC cool, and with those fans, you also need the fan controller.

High-end games mostly consume more Ram and hardware that heat up your computer. So to minimize that heat your PC need a fan and a controller.

The fan controller helps you to control various things like temperature, RGB lights, RPM, speed and many other factors of your fans. It will also show the temperature in Celsius so that you can manage things well.

If you are using a large case, you will need more fans to cool down your PC and to operate more fans you will surely need a fan controller. So today I’m going to guide you about some of the best fan controller available in the market.

NZXT Sentry 3

The NZXT Sentry 3 focus on giving a readout of your fan speed. It can show five channels along with the fans and can also link fans to one another for controlling them in term of the speed.

NZXT Sentry 3 also got a temperature reader that is default installed in it, and there is an option to install more temperature readers.

You can hook that temperature reader up to different parts of your case if you want the fan to be controlled by temperature and thresholds rather than manually by you. NZXT Sentry 3 is one of the best pc fan controller available today.

NZXT Sentry 3

There are five fan channels on the Sentry 3 which means that you can connect five fans. You can control the fans speed simultaneously and decrease the RPM which reduce the noise levels in the case.

The display screen of this device will show the complete details like Temperature, fans, etc. of your pc. There is a dial on the display screen that is touch input, and you can change the fan configuration through it.

It usually displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Since the Sentry 3 has launched NZXT has announced and put out their fan control software which is a temperature monitor that control the GPU temperature, system specs, and many other pieces of information.

Corsair Commander Pro

The Corsair Commander Pro is a little black box that you can use to control lighting and fans present in your PC.  It has the HD 140 RGB, and 120 RGB fans and each fan has two wires coming from it.

One wire controls the fans itself, and the other one controls the lighting within the fan. Commander pro replaces all your connections, and you only require one USB to connection your motherboard. 

Corsair Commander Pro

The Corsair Commander pro software controls all the various bits of Corsair Hardware. This device comes with six connectors so you can connect six fans with it.

It also has a different lightening effect that adds more beauty to your PC. You can control the fans, lighting, temperature and other different things through the fan control software by the Corsair. It is a good computer fan controller to try.

Kingwin fan controller

The kingwin fan controller is a touch display that includes a temperature control reader and tells you how the temperature is in there, what working and what’s not working in your PC.

You can also turn off and turn on fans with the help of this device. It also has a built-in thermometer that you can add anywhere inside the motherboard so that it will tell the temperature of your motherboard.

Kingwin fan controller

Kingwin fan controller has a single cable for power connection which will power on all the fans that are connected with the controller. All the stuff like temperature, fans, and rpm will display on the screen on the fan controller.

You can increase the speed of fans according to your design, and you can manually set it up to speed up or change the rotation of your fans. It also has an auto mode that will make all the stuff automatically.

Thermaltake Commander

The Thermaltake Commander is the latest addition in the fan controlling market. It has a touchscreen that gives a decent look to this device.

This computer fan controller display different things like Fan alarms, thermal alarms, and have the option to adjust the speed of your fans or disable LED lightening. The device requires a power of 50 watts to operate perfectly.

Thermaltake Commander

Thermaltake Commander Fan controller also displays the RPM range for different channel and can show the range from 0 RPM to 9990 RPMs if you are able to find a fan capable of such speed.

It has a single thermometer that will help you to measure the temperature ranging from 0 to 90 degrees Celsius. You can also view the temperature in Fahrenheit.

This device has ten connectors which mean that you can connect ten fans at a time. But one drawback of this fan controller is that it doesn’t have a PWM support which means that the fan rate cannot be regulated automatically depending on the temperature of PC.

Electop Fan Controller

The Electop Fan Controller is a simple looking device that provides ten connectors with 4-pin PWM fans and has a small display board. It has a single crew hole at the center that can be used to install the Electop anywhere in the case.

The electop fan controller is an easy to access device that provides functionality like controlling your fans speed, temperature and RPM. This device has a color code which is used to connect different devices.

Electop Fan Controller

The red color connection is you to attach CPU and is labeled on it. This fan controller is straightforward to install and doesn’t require any PC hardware experience.

You can either use screw hole or sticky adhesive backing to connect this device. The excellent thing about this device is that you can connect ten fans at a time with this device.

Furthermore, due to the more significant amount of fans, it also requires more power to operate. But it is an elementary look device so if you want a device with a unique design you can try some other product. Overall it’s an excellent product to buy.