Choosing The Best Gaming Chair: IKEA Markus

If you’ve switched to a job where you need to sit all day long, the very first thing you’ll find out is, you need to get rid of your low-budget, decent office chair for something that lets your body to stay in the right position; a chair that won’t turn your legs numb or hurt your shoulder blades with its low back. Whenever you’re looking for a suitable office chair, it’s not wrong to think that for a good chair, you need a good budget. Of course, there are some of the finest office chairs that require a hefty amount of money. How about a good solution to the budget?

IKEA Markus

IKEA Markus is the finest solution for budget users. While being at a lower price, IKEA Markus offers almost the same comfort and features like the best gaming/office chair!

Key Features

Designed by Henrik Preutz, IKEA Markus is a marvel. With the help of experience accumulated over years of creating office/gaming chairs, Ikea’s finally developed the perfect balance among quality, comfort, and price. For any purpose, Markus is the best chair for the budget. Markus is a fine example that shows that quality and comfort doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

IKEA Markus

What makes IKEA Markus so great? Let’s find out.

  • Design: The IKEA office chair comes up in a high-back design. That’s a perfect feature for taller folks (6 foot or longer) and for those who love to rest their head or lean back while seated at a desk. The top offers ample padding. The frame is high and wide enough to keep your shoulder blades up. As you can expect, the char comes up with enough padding beneath your knees and your rear.
  • Cost: As a budget chair, the price is insane! For just about $230, you get the finest features with IKEA Markus! It’s not the cheapest chair around. However, offering the most features, it easily has earned the title of being the ultimate bang for the buck.
  • Colors: IKEA furniture is, often times, considered flimsy. Markus is available in 4 different colors. While none of them are particularly exciting, they add the touch of professionalism to your workspace without imposing too much.
  • Warranty: It comes with a whopping 10 years warranty coverage! If you take care of the chair, it’s going to survive more than that.
  • The height is adjustable for the best comfort.
  • Adjustable tilt function for increasing stability and controlling in different sitting positions.
  • For some extra relief for your back, IKEA desk chair comes up with built-in lumbar support.
  • For greater comfort, there’s also a comfortable headrest.
  • Mesh material: The mesh material of the backrest ensures ample airflow during long sitting periods.
  • Weight: With such a strong design, it can handle up to 242 pounds of weight. For any human, that’s a LOT!
IKEA Markus

Final Thoughts

IKEA Markus is a highly recommended office chair that’s within a normal budget range. Its slick design allows a blend of comfort and support for your body while keeping all benchmarks in check. If you’re looking for the best chair for your mid-range budget, then IKEA Markus is your pick. You can get the chair right now! Just order it via the online portal of IKEA.