Choosing The Best Gaming Chair: Merax Gaming Chair

Its no news that sitting in a particular way for long is bad for health and when gaming hours go by like seconds. Getting a good gaming chair that helps perfectly support your body to prevent any health complications (and also provide comfort) can be difficult as these types of furniture are quite expensive. Merax gaming chair is an affordable gaming chair with awesome features. Merax furniture is well known for balancing affordability with quality. This merax gaming chair review is aimed at providing you with the best review of the merax furniture.

Choosing The Best Gaming Chair: Merax Gaming Chair

Merax gaming chair cost about $190 which is a lot cheaper than other gaming chairs available in the market. But despite the cheap price this amazing chair boasts of some awesome features which we are going to discuss in this review. The chair comes in three vibrant colors: Blue, Green, and Red with three logos on the chair.


You can say without any problem that this chair is perfect for any esports player, amateur gamer or even for offices, thanks to its perfect aesthetics and great quality of materials. Some of its features are

The ergonomics of the Merax Gaming Chair

We all know that those who suffer most from back pain, hernias or other problems due to incorrect positions are gamers and all those who have to work on the computer for many hours. The Merax gaming chair is an excellent solution to try to counteract these pains – sometimes even very strong – as it has been designed to guarantee the user good posture. The shape of the chair is pleasant and has been designed with the needs of gamers and professionals in mind. The backrest is reclining as it allows an inclination of 180 °  and the lumbar cushions – supplied together with the chair itself can be positioned at will, ensuring an excellent level of comfort.

In short, at an ergonomic level, this model is well designed and can be a panacea for the health of all those who spend a lot of time at the computer for one reason or another.

The Design

This model is available in three colors: red, blue and green. I think that the entire black version of gaming chairs are more suited to offices or those who want to keep a certain touch of class in their homes and desks. The colored versions, on the other hand, are really fun and give the house a ” futuristic ” touch that doesn’t hurt!

Choosing The Best Gaming Chair: Merax Gaming Chair

The design is not particularly sophisticated, a little too simple for my tastes, but the seams are accurate and the quality of the fabric is undeniable. There are many showy gaming chairs on the market, but Gaming Merax wants to be noticed for its simplicity and its class, not for its tamarragine ( excuse the rather technical term ). Very different is the case of other models like the Prime Selection gaming racing chair, the Diablo X-One gaming chair or the Diablo X-One Horn gaming chair


Without a doubt, the Merax gaming chair stands out for the great quality of the materials. Both the fabric, metal and plastic parts with which this chair for gamers is equipped, destroy the great majority of chairs of this level in value for money.

Safety And Assembly

The Merax Gaming Chair is easy and quick to assemble, except for unforeseen events in the last minute you should put yourself at most half an hour.

Two words on security. The maximum weight borne by the Merax Gaming Chair is 200lb and I can guarantee you that it is safe.


  • Dimensions:  52.4″ (H) 21.7″ (W) 20.1″ (D)
  • Weight:  55 lbs.
  • Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Materials: PU Leather
  • Type: High-Back
  • Style: Gaming/Racing
  • Colors: Black & Blue, Black & Green, Black & Red
  • Recline: 180-degree
  • Warranty: 1-Year

What Are The Advantages Of A Gaming Chair

An Ideal Posture

 The gamer rarely adopts an adequate posture during the game. In the heat of the action, he moves frantically, wiggles with instance and sways from right to left hoping to win the game. In such a situation, the body suffers damaging tensions.

By sitting on a perfectly adapted gaming seat, it becomes easier to keep an ideal posture. The chair accompanies the movements of the body while providing an ultra-comfortable seat.

An Asset For The Back

Everyone has experienced this: sitting too long is hurting our backs. Especially if the chair on which you are sitting is of poor quality. This parameter should not be underestimated because back pain can very quickly become disabling.

To preserve his health, the gamer should first equip himself with a chair designed just for him. Using a comparison of gaming chairs, everyone can find in a nod the model that fits their needs. So do not be deprived by offering your back a seat worthy of the name.

Avoid Numbness

Getting up from your chair with numb legs is not very pleasant. This is what happens when a seat is poorly designed. The uncomfortable edge of the seat cuts the blood circulation by causing ankylosis of the limbs.

The gaming chair avoids this situation. Its ergonomic design facilitates the circulation of blood and prevents the body from becoming numb. Another advantage that should encourage all gamers to buy without waiting for a seat of gaming!