Choosing The Best Laptop Cooling Pad — Buying Guide

A common issue faced by most gaming laptops is overheating and this is due to the amazing hardwares that are crammed into the little frame of a Laptop. Fortunately this is where laptop cooling pads come in. They reduce the overall temperature of the laptop by providing extra air inflow. Getting the best laptop cooling pad can be a difficult thing that is why we are providing this buying guide.

Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Laptop Cooler

We will indicate certain recommendations and factors that you must take into account to select the best cooler for laptop that is just what you need. Before discussing the best cooling pad for Laptop let us talk about things you need to consider when buying the best laptop cooler

What budget do I have?

If you are looking for a simple laptop cooler, you can buy one from a low budget, but if you need one with more advanced specifications do not choose the cheapest, first have your clear needs for you to acquire that ideal fan for you.

Price range and what to expect

To choose the best price you should be clear first of the needs you have, and so you can know that according to the brand, accessories and features that have the price may vary.

What cooling capacity do you need?

The cooling capacity is measured through the power of the fan, usually the higher the power the greater its cooling will be.

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One of the ways that cooler is of better quality is through the power capacity to decrease the heat of the notebook, and that the temperature is pleasant.

Noisy or silent?

The sounds in the devices tend to cause discomfort, so the less sonorous is better for you, the vast majority of the coolers are silent, so be sure to acquire one that is consistent with this feature.

Choosing The Best Laptop Cooling Pad — Buying Guide

Number of fans?

One of the ways to know the performance of the cooler you want to buy is the number of fans, the more fans you have, you can keep your laptop with the indicated temperature, however there are models with a single fan that are of excellent power capacity. that allow the performance to be the same.

It is important that you also take into account the points where the temperature of your laptop rises the most, so that you acquire that cooler in which the fans aim to cool them.

If your laptop is quite large in size, it is best to buy a cooler that has several fans, so that they point in different directions and can cover the dimensions of it.

What laptop cooler design do you need?

There are different designs of coolers, some are thinner, smaller, with higher bases, depending on your tastes and needs acquire one that its ergonomics go according to what you are looking for.

What size and capacity does the laptop cooler have?

Always remember to consider the dimensions of your laptop, it is not the same to ventilate a small laptop than a large one, as they will require a larger one, in the same way as laptops are measured through inches. The chillers are also measured, Acquire one that has the same to cover the need for your device.

What support does the cooler have?

A portable cooler apart from cooling the laptop has another important utility that is to serve as a support to adjust the height of the appliance conforms to the angle to work, having greater comfort at the time of use, so it is important to consider this aspect, since there are coolers that allow you to adjust the level according to how you need it for comfort

5 Best Laptop Cooling Pads In 2019

KLIM Cool – Cooling Base for Notebook in Metal


A great option is this KLIM Cool, a revolutionary portable cooler. It is considered one of the best laptop cooler. Basically because instead of pumping air from below, the Cool + is coupled to the air outlet of your computer and acts as a vacuum cleaner. This model is very easy to use and is compatible with any laptop model with a side or rear ventilation grille, regardless of size or brand. KLIM Cool + is a real monster in terms of power, by many the most efficient on the market. Thanks to its 4500 revolutions per minute, your components will cool on average 20.7 ºC in just a few minutes. The end result is incredible: it improves the performance and the useful life of your laptop. In addition, compared to other models, the metal structure makes it unique and much more resistant. Equipped with a high quality Japanese engine, Cool + is built to last. It is a risk-free purchase, even if you use it for many hours a day at home or at work. Something that you should not hesitate at any time, since your purchase carries a 5 year warranty.

Mars Gaming MNBC2 – Laptop gaming cooling base

Mars Gaming MNBC2

With the guarantee of the prestigious Mars Gaming brand (with extensive experience in the PC Gaming sector), this MNBC2 cooling base is simply one of the best laptop cooling pad if you have a powerful laptop with which you usually play the most demanding games . In fact, the MNBC2 cooling base is specially designed for ultra powerful gaming notebooks with a stand function of up to 17.3 “. It has UA5 airflow technology with five ultrasilent 12 and 7 cm fans that will allow you to create a cooling by zones adapted to your needs, with its base, aluminum grid cover and without frame, you will achieve optimum performanceof your equipment, thanks to the intense flow of air generated. In addition, like any good gaming product that boasts, offers a spectacular design. The MNBC2, manufactured with steel structure and very resistant ABS plastic, has an impressive red LED lighting that maintains the design line in red and black characteristic of Mars Gaming . All without forgetting something equally important: it offers comfort and ergonomics of use thanks to its six selectable tilt angles. In addition, it incorporates two USB 2.0 ports that expand the connection capacity of the equipment by allowing additional devices to be connected.

KLIM Wind Cooling for laptop

KLIM Wind Cooling

Returning with KLIM, this Wind cooling pad for laptop is also really stylish. And it is a safe investment, since it will prevent the components of your laptop from heating up again, and will increase the life time of your computer , while maximizing its performance. This model covers all sizes up to 19 inches, although you must take into account that from 17, the laptop will overflow the edges of the cooling base but will remain stable. KLIM Wind is extremely stable, and will remain completely immobile. It has up to 4 fans rotating up to 1400 rotations per minute. It is a high capacity ventilated base with the ability to cool your computer at reasonable temperatures in less than a minute. These 4 fans allow cooling of all areas of your laptop. And above, the KLIM Wind is one level above other ventilation bases in terms of design and quality of the materials used . As in the option we have seen before, your purchase implies a 5 year warranty. Finally, and equally important, it incorporates 2 USB ports so you always have a port available. It will cool your PC regardless of its age or intensity of use. It gives excellent results in video games, but also in photo + video editing, as well as with old computers. If your laptop is overheating and going slow, it is sure that you will improve its performance. It can also be used with a PS4, Xbox One or even a Wii.

Ewent EW1259 Cooling base gaming

Ewent EW1259

Let’s see now this Ewent refrigerator, the EW1259 model that improves the efficiency of the laptop and reduces overheating, made with excellent ABS and aluminum material for better heat dispersion . It has up to 5 fans with adjustable speed and cooling zones also adjustable, central or external (also has an LCD indicator). The first fan is larger (12 cm), while the rest is a little smaller (7 cm) . It is compatible with all types of laptops, including MacBook, Ultrabook … from 12 to 17 inches. And in addition, it has adjustable height support to improve user comfort and passive ventilation. It also includes two USB ports for various peripherals.It also has a button on and off, which also saves battery power and turn on the cooling fans only when you really need it. Undoubtedly one of the most economical options in the market.

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EletecPro Laptop Cooler External fans Pad for laptops

EletecPro Laptop Cooler

For its part, this EletecPro is also a great cooling pad for laptop. Especially thanks to its 5 built-in silent fans (one large fan of 5.9 inches, and another 4 small fans of 2.76 inches). The quick cooling effect of the fans prevents your laptop from overheating and is perfect for games. The 5 fans are stealthy and silent so they do not interfere with any of the laptop’s audio while you watch movies or enjoy your video games. Offers lower ergonomic mounting bracket, and adjusts your notebook to the perfect writing and viewing angle. It is also compatible with almost all laptops from 12 to 17 inches, regardless of the brand. It also functions as a desktop stand for the laptop, and is strong, durable but lightweight with cool technology design. Powered by USB, it allows you to connect more USB devices . Not forgetting the adjustable mounting bracket with non-slip design, your laptop can easily cool the components.