Choosing The Best Mouse Bungee 2019

With the rise of e-sports, the mouse bungee is becoming a very popular accessory for a good reason.

Other than preventing your mouse cable from tangling up the bungee can help prevent the excess cable from being reeled in, cable collision from objects on your desk and most importantly mouse track.

I’m sure if you are a competitive gamer you must have experience the hassles of trying the cable management of your mouse to prevent it from getting in the way during your gaming season.

Other gamers do a less effective DIY solution of using sticky tape to the side of the mouse mat to prevent the cable from getting in the way. This makes your setup look a bit messy and it’s a bit of a hassle to keep replacing the sticky tape.

To solve all those issue a simple device called mouse Bungee comes in to help you. So today I’m going to tell you about some of the best mouse Bungee that you can try this year.

Meco Mouse Bungee

Meco Mouse Bungee is a great addition to the mouse bungee industry. It has a weighted base with rubber feet to keep it in place on your desk.

Meco mouse bungee also has a spring arm which helps your mouse cable to adjust when you move your mouse around. To set it up place it on your desk, connect the cable to it and place it into the two notches on the base then in the grove at the top of the spring arm.

Meco Mouse Bungee

Put the mouse on your mouse pads move it around the full area where you’ll be using it and adjust the length of the cable so that the spring arm adjusts a little when you are in the corners of your mouse pad.

The spring arm is the main thing that puts this mouse bungee above the others as it gives you more freedom while moving the mouse.

It also has slight flexibility and having that slight flex means that you won’t feel any addition pull on the cord even when moving the mouse further away from it and the cable will always return to the same position.

Hotline Mouse Bungee

The hotline mouse bungee comes in three colors, black, red and a white variant. This product comes in an elementary box without much information on it. It is because this is a simple product and straight forward to use.

Using a Hotline mouse bungee is a more elegant, reliable solution to solving your cable problem and offers more flexibility than a DIY solution. Primarily a mount sponge is used to free up your mouse and reduce mouse drag as much as possible.

Hotline Mouse Bungee

The Hotline mouse bungee has a substantial weighted base which weight about 240 grams, and it keeps it stable and prevents it from moving around.

This is to ensure that no matter how aggressive your movements are especially if you are low sensitivity player playing fast-paced games like CSgo, over watch, that the bungee will still be able to keep up.

Razer Mouse Bungee

Ranzer Mouse Bungee is another good product to try. It reduces drag by lifting the mouse cable to prevent any kinds of slowdown creating a consistent movement.

The V2 Razer mouse bungee has adopted a more bulky look compared to the slim construction of the first razor bungee. It measures at about 4.5 inches by three inches, and the bungee itself is about five and a half inches.

Razer Mouse Bungee

The V2 surface has a smear free texture which is great because the original razer bungee had the piano glass finish which was a major fingerprint magnet.

This device secured itself on a flat surface by using a non-sticky rubberized on its base which is very good in keeping the bungee in place.

The V2 tip supports a soft rubbery material which feels a lot more flexible. Razer Mouse Bungee has three teeth on the top, middle and bottom where you place the mouse cable accordingly.

BenQ Zowie Camade

Zowie Camade also known as Zowie mouse bungee has a heavy base weighting about 243 grams and has some rubber feet to prevent it from sliding.

Four rubber feet tightly grip the mouse bungee to the desk. It also has a spring on the top with a rubber part to hold your mouse cable. The spring is connected to a rubber where you can fix the mouse cable.

BenQ Zowie Camade

To use it insert the wire inside the place present at the center of the spring. You can also place it down at the base. Zowie mouse bungee also has a part to grip or lose the cable and is the best cable management solution for gamers.

The outside casing of Zowie mouse bungee is made of plastic and has a zowie logo on it. You can adjust the amount of tension you want by adjusting the length of the spring.

Enhance Mouse Bungee

Enhance mouse bungee is a cool looking bungee having a unique design. It has a spring which is connected with a rubber that is used to attach your mouse cable.

These rubbers give a lot more freedom for your mouse to move. Enhance mouse bungee also a light features which enable a variety of light on your mouse bungee. Light can be switch on or off through a switch.

Enhance Mouse Bungee

The build quality is very solid and has a retractable shield clip that locks in place and offers height adjustable so you can get the right amount of cable that you need to free up your mouse.

You can use it to retract the clip to your desired height and attach the cable on the top and run it down the clips at the back as well.

Placing something as a weight over the cable can snag if you do reach far enough or get in the way if it too long. Taping the cord to your display helps get the cable out of the way but can still snag, and it doesn’t look all that great so you can try the Enhance mouse bungee.