Curved Monitor For Gaming. Is it worth?

Getting the perfect monitor for gaming has never been an easy choice. But most time users tend to focus on the technical conditions and completely neglecting the less technical ones. One of these less technical one that can really make a difference in gaming experience is the curved monitors. Are curved monitors worth it?

Advantages Of Curved Monitors

Curved monitor gaming is a awesome experience and here are some of its advantages. When comparing curved vs flat monitor we can clearly see that curved monitors are better

Less Optical Distortion Of The Image

Unlike flat screens, curved monitors offer a wider range of colors and minimize image distortion and the viewing angle of your viewer. In addition, curved screens deliver the same image from any viewing distance for its ultra-wide angle of 178 degrees, such as the Samsung CFG70 monitor, for example.

Less Fatigue For The Eyes

By giving a uniform and balanced view from any angle of view from the screen to the eyes of the viewer, the curved monitors will cause less visual fatigue with respect to a totally flat monitor. This will make the experience of watching television, enjoying a movie or competing in games more comfortable.

More Real Colors

Quantum Dot technology, developed by Samsung, turns curved monitors into a continuous source of realistic images of up to 64 times more color expression than conventional television. The small particles of quantum dots as light sources make it possible to create a billion color combinations embodied in their 10-bit panels. This means that dark red and green colors, for example, remain clear and sharp even in bright light.

Blacks In Their Correct Expression

The curved monitors have also optimized their treatment of luminance and contrast, especially in the expression of blacks, a weakness perceived by consumers in conventional screens. Thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, the added luminance produces a contrast ratio of 3,000: 1. This technological advantage allows, even, to amplify the hidden details without losing the sharpness of the image.

Curved Monitor For Gaming. Is it worth?

Maximum Immersive And Immersive Experience

Immerse your mind in your favorite movie or TV series or get involved in the action your games demand without interruption, thanks to the maximum immersive experience offered by Samsung’s curved screens.

The Decisive Gamer Factor

Curved monitors have also reinforced their visual realism for different game modes such as FPS, RTS, and RPG. Thus, they far exceed the demands of visual experience of gamers in any modality due to its fast response of 1 ms and 144hz of soda cup that will guarantee focused images without loss of quality. In the case of Samsung screens, care in synchronized audio also raises the performance expectations of these equipment.

Avant-garde Design

The smooth rounded curves of the avant-garde design of this line of Samsung monitors harmonize with the style of any space. In addition, these equipment are free of cadmium.

Curved TV: Its Disadvantages

The time has now come to examine for a moment the disadvantages that a curved TV has.

A curved TV is certainly excellent, but only if looked at the right distance and in the right position.

To get the best image quality you need to be close and positioned in front of the center of the screen , that is right in front of the perfect viewing cone.

With the flat screen this problem does not exist, because every viewer can admire the same image quality from every angle.

Also, you should know that a curved TV can hardly be hung on the wall . Its ideal location is without a doubt on a flat surface.

Small details, but it is good to know immediately.

Curved Monitor For Gaming. Is it worth?

Curved TV: Final Opinions

At this point, a spontaneous question will surely have arisen: but then should you opt for a curved screen TV or not?

The answer is quite simple, but also complex at the same time.

Curved television is certainly worthwhile, but only if used correctly , that is, when viewed closely and centrally.

These are conditions that are not always feasible and therefore remember to evaluate carefully whether, for your needs, it is worth it or not.

If, however, the charm of the curved screen has conquered you by now, know that, in the last period, there are really many brands that have decided to bring this type of TV back to the market.