Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows

If you are an avid gamer especially games that require accurate mouse movement like first-person shooters, then you have probably come across the term mouse acceleration. Chances are you have been advised by a couple of pro fps players to turn this setting off. Then the question that rings up is “how to disable mouse acceleration”.

But before we go into details about how exactly to turn off mouse acceleration windows 10, let’s talk about what is mouse acceleration and why you need to turn off mouse acceleration.

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a setting on the computer that creates a direct relationship between the speed of the mouse and that of the cursor. In a more simplified term, it is the setting that influences the speed at which the cursor moves in relation to the movement of the actual mouse.

With the help of mouse acceleration settings the distance the cursor moves on the screen is not dependent on the distance the actual mouse moved but on the speed at which the mouse was moved. This can be further illustrated by saying the faster you move your actual mouse the more the distance the cursor will move across the screen

Of What Use Is The Mouse Acceleration?

In the general sense, the mouse acceleration is a good setting as mostly we work in a limited space while operation our computer. With this setting on even if you are using a 30 inches monitor you are not required to move your mouse 30 inches to move the cursor from one extreme end to another. With the help of mouse acceleration, all that is required is to move the actual mouse at a high speed over a short distance

But this is a different story when it comes to gaming.

Why Mouse Acceleration Is Bad For Gaming

Not every gamer is opposed to mouse acceleration but most of them agree that it is best to turn this setting of when gaming. Most gaming mouse does not have mouse acceleration built to them as gamers prefer not to have anything interrupt their aim while playing.

Being a pro gamer with badass aim all about muscle memory. Most of the movement you see professional players make swiftly to rack up countless of head-shot is usually a result of hours of intense training and practice. These players rely on pure muscle memory to act swiftly and precisely to be on top of their game, But the inconsistent movement created by mouse acceleration will make accuracy and precision hard to achieve. This is why most games disable mouse acceleration to enhance faster and more accurate aiming.

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

The process of disabling mouse acceleration windows 10 is an easy task. Firstly you locate the mouse settings by following these steps:

  • Open the control panel
  • Open Hardware and Sound
  • Open Devices and Printers
  • Select your mouse in the “Devices” section
Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows

It should be noted that some mouse appears as “USB Device” or “Bluetooth Device”. in this scenario you can access the mouse settings by right-clicking the relevant icon and selecting Mouse settings from the drop menu.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows

Next, you have to locate the acceleration option by following this simple procedure

  • From the newly opened window, select the Pointer Options tab
  • At the very top, you will see a section titled Motion
  • Uncheck the Enhance pointer precision tick box located directly under the sensitivity slider

Click OK or Apply

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows

Congrats! You have successfully disabled your mouse acceleration in windows 10.