Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Gaming laptops have made gaming much easier. You just need to take your laptop wherever you want, turn it on and start playing your favorite games.

These devices are much more powerful and lightweight, but with these features, they also have some disadvantages which gamers, as well as normal users, has to encounter.

An average laptop usually generates a lot of heat when you are doing some high processing task. While a gaming laptop usually contains a GPU which make things worse because it normally gets overheating quickly.

These overheating can cause damage to your machine, which you will never want to happen. So what is the solution? How to keep laptop cool while doing some heavy Gaming? Below are some of the best way to cool a laptop.

Arrange a Laptop Cooler

Laptops usually get overheat due to their design. Most of the laptop design doesn’t allow a proper air flow due to which overheat occur.

Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

So you should add some extra cooler that will prevent your device from being overheating. Fortunately, you may get many laptop coolers at an affordable price from the market.

You just need to know the right laptop cooler that will perfectly suit your device. The laptop cooler cannot be fitted inside the laptop because of the size of the cooler and the laptop.

So you will have to place the cooler on the surface where you are going to use your laptop, and then you will place your laptop on the top of the cooler. The fan will start cooling the laptop. But make sure that the place is clean.

Decent location

The placement also plays an important role in the heating factor of your Laptop. Most of the laptop users put the laptop on their bed or some other soft place and start using it so that they can use the laptop and relax at the same time.

Even some of the people place the laptop on their leg and start using it. However, it’s not a good idea to do. You may find it comfortable, but it usually overheats the laptop and can be harmful to your body (if place on your body like legs).

So the question is where we should place the laptop and use it? Well, the best place to use the laptop is a solid flat surface like a table.

A soft surface like bed usually blocks the airflow which resists the cooling system to work properly. On the other hand, hard surface such as a table allows fans to work correctly.

Keep the Laptop Clean

Dust and other debris usually cause the laptop to overheat quickly because due to dust, the fans are not able to perform their job well.  These dust particles also slow down your device, which gamers will never want to happen.

If you are living in an area where the environment is clean, and there are not much dust particles in the air, even then you should clean up your laptop after a certain interval.

Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Most of the dust particles are so small that they can’t be seen with the human eyes, but they are present around us. They move inside the laptop body through a small hole and cause the machine to slow down.

You need to get rid of these if you don’t want your machine to overheat and slow down. But how? Well, try to keep your laptop at a clean location and try to clean it after some times.

You can use compressed air to do the job. Some of the laptops can be opened easier so you can open and clean them.  

But if you are not familiar with the process, then you should not open it, either you should go to a professional who know how to open this machine.

Change Settings

Laptop settings can also cause overheating in the machine, so try to adjust the settings and make sure that the machine is working at normal temperatures. Update your drivers and settings or regular basis.

Before buying a laptop, ensure that the laptop will fit the needs of the required game or not. Different settings like high screen brightness may also require some extra battery which may also cause more heat.

Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

So use your laptop on the normal or dim screen brightness. Most of the laptop users regularly underestimate these settings, but these settings also play some role in overheating the laptop.

Other than these, you must also keep an eye on the power management settings where you may encounter different option that can help to save energy.

In case you want to know if these settings are helping your device, you can also install some free software, including Speed Fan that help the user to know about the laptop temperature.