List of The Best Horror Games 2019

Why do we like scary games so much, if they scare us? Questions without answers from the human being. The truth is that horror, at all levels, has been in fashion for several years. In the videogame sector it was not going to be less and this year, especially, comes loaded. We show it to you by reviewing the best horror video games of 2019 .

Talking about scarygames takes us, automatically, to two mythical games: Resident Evil and Silent Hill . More than two decades later, these two myths continue to inspire stories to pass a good / bad time to millions of gamers. These are the best horror video games in 2019 .

Resident Evil 2 Remake  – PS4, Xbox One and PC

This is one of the new PC horror games. The first viral Resident Evil has been remastered and adapted to the new times. There is no better way to receive 2019. One of the best horror video games in 2019 will also be one of the best horror games in history.

List of The Best Horror Games 2019

For those who do not remember, Resident Evil 2 Remake, from the hand of Capcom , will take us to Racoon City . There has spread a very contagious virus that causes unexpected effects in people. Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are the protagonists of this essential. The new generations of gamers will discover the game that laid the foundations of survival horror . A myth that not everyone knows.

Someday You’ll Return  – PS4, Xbox One and PC

Another game with no specific launch date. We only know that it will arrive in 2019 and that its atmosphere will take us back, at least figuratively to Silent Hill . This story of psychological fear aims to be one of the best games of horror in 2019 .

List of The Best Horror Games 2019

In Someday You’ll Return we put ourselves in Daniel’s shoes, to whom we will handle in the first person. We will do it to enter a dark forest to which Daniel swore not to return, due to his childhood traumas. The problem is that Stela, her daughter, ran away from home and everything points to her being in the same forest.

The Blackout Club  – PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Blackout Club , if it is mounted well, may be the Fortnite of 2019. Its premise is simply great. Every time you wake up , you discover that your body is full of bumps and aching but you do not remember anything of the last days. What happened? Who did this to you? This is what you must find out in one of the best horror games in 2019 .

List of The Best Horror Games 2019

In addition to its brutal premise, The Blackout Club will allow cooperative mode with up to three players . The four of you will be in the same conditions and each game will have a beginning and an end. In addition, everything that happens can be recorded and shared. What has been said, the new Fortnite that is about to arrive.

The Sinking City – PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Sinking City has clear inspirational tints in the work of HP Lovecraft . And it is appreciated, because the story he proposes seems taken from one of his novels. A solid foundation for one of the best horror games in 2019 .

List of The Best Horror Games 2019

The Sinking City takes us to Oakmont, a town in the United States from the 1920s. A private investigator comes to the town to investigate what happened to make it completely flooded . By the way, you can take a look at the villagers who, affected by something dark, have seen their minds go completely away.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – PS4, Xbox One and PC

What starts off as a scuba-diving getaway to look for remnants of World War II has just turned into a nightmare. The protagonists, four young people on vacation who will change their plans because of a sinister intervention.

The people of Supermassive Games are still giving away titles to the world and this The Dark

The best horror games in 2019 – Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3

As usual, Nintendo has managed to save their cards very well with one of the best games of horror in 2019 . The title was announced in September but it was only said that it would be released in 2019, nothing of concrete dates. Little else is known although, seeing how Nintendo is lately, it is logical that the hype has been triggered.

Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4

Three are the titles that Nintendo and Capcom are going to recover for the hybrid console of the Japanese company. They will be classic games, but they do not need to be modified. Who does not know, you should only know that they will be three of the best games of horror in 2019 , having been released many years before. With that, it should be worth it.

The best horror games in 2019 – Microsoft Windows

Layers of Fear 2

His first delivery became, on his own merits, one of the essential independent games of the horror segment. Layers of Fear 2 also aims to be one of the best horror games in 2019 .

List of The Best Horror Games 2019

To achieve this, repeat the formula that worked in your first delivery. That is, distressing atmosphere , scares and complicated moments for the player and a complicated story to get ahead. Little more is known about Layers of Fear 2. Not even the release date. Only that it will be released for PC, at least in principle, and that it promises to cause many mini-infarcts around the world.