Mac For Games. Is it worth?

The Mac is an object of desire, of lust, of perdition. They are the quintessence of technology by technology and design by design. It’s great commercial appeal has made them reach many and varied homes. However, there is especially resistant one, the house of the gamer.

It’s hard to think that a gamer is going to opt for a Mac gaming laptop when it comes to setting up his video-nest nest. This is not because the systems with OS X are not suitable for gaming, but because of a series of factors related to the interiors of the system.

Mac Graphics Cards Are Not Very Powerful

Generally, the hardware of the Mac is the one that takes the great critics on the part of the gamers. They claim that graphics and processors do not offer the same performance, at a similar price, as Windows computers or PCs. This has specifically made gaming on MacBook pro difficult.

Graphics Cards Much More Powerful In The Input Range

Without a good graphics card, it is not possible to run the most demanded games by consumers (which are the ones with the most graphic resources) at least not at the level of detail that a PC with a GTX 1060 is capable.

Macbook For Games. Is it worth?

Most of the available graphics cards in Mac are either Intel HD, or Intel Iris Pro (Radeon in the top-end models), so they are not competent enough to deliver gameplay of The Witcher 3 to full 4K free of frame drops.

Gamer consumers are very demanding at this point, so if a graphic is not able to satisfy what they are looking for, they will not find any attraction for using Macbook pro for gaming

A Lower Price With Greater Power

This is even more obvious when, as noted by PC Gamer, the price of Mac systems is much higher than that of PCs, and even in the case of acquiring the most powerful Mac, it would not be the best option to dedicate it exclusively to games.

Best Mac Games Are Still An Optical Quasi-Illusion, The Catalog Is Quite Limited

That is, if we have to spend 3299 USD to have a MacBook Pro whose Radeon Pro 560 has 4 GB of graphics memory, it is clear that we will look in the Windows market, since an Alienware 17 for 2849 USD includes a GTX 1080 and the Nvidia G-Sync function, which will allow us to run native 4K games without problems (which will not happen with the Radeon Pro 560).

Obviously, in this case, gamers are not going to sacrifice power by design, and less when they have very capable computers in the line of 1000 USD.

Macbook For Games. Is it worth?

There are few titles, even today, that are created specifically for Mac. Normally these games are ports or adaptations of their Windows counterparts, precisely because of the lack of hardware that allows being at the level of the machines with the Redmond system.

The fact that games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Rise of the Tomb Raider or Fallout 4 are not available on the Apple platform, is a clear indication that their machines would not be able to move these games in “high” or “ultra” configurations.

Needless to say, a seasoned gamer is not going to pawn his healthy kidneys for a laptop or apple desktop, which does not even allow him to play the best games of the moment with a minimum of slack.

Lifelong Mac Gamer

Contrary to what one might think and what we have talked about so far, there is a strong gaming community in Mac territory.

This community, far from seeking the lavishness and opulence of the triple-A, has refined its tastes by indie court titles or games that are considered light gaming.

These video games do not require an extremely powerful graphics card, which allows them to be enjoyed by users of almost any Mac.

The experience, although there are games that go like silk, indicates that the demanding titles do not finish working correctly under the previous parameters.

This is because Windows does not recognize how the hardware of Mac devices should, resulting in numerous bugs and bugs that bog down the gaming experience.

The Future

In spite of everything, media such as TechRadar points out that the industry is changing and that, in recent years Apple is making an effort (rather small in our opinion) to make it possible for gamers to feel at home when playing in Mac

Those of TechRadar call for an effort to include graphics cards of greater power (although they are not enough for demanding titles) in the most economical models of the platform.

It does not seem that a gesture that is de facto should be exalted in any other computer manufacturer, when, in fact, the vast majority of hardware companies offer much more for quite less.

PC To Play, Mac To Fantasize About

The situation is very clear, dear readers, if what we fervently desire is to be able to play on our Mac as if it were a Windows system, the time has not yet come.

When choosing, do not base our decision on “futuribles”. However, if what we like is light gaming and we will not need triple AAA, either because we have a console, or because they are not the games we want to play (which we think is weird), any Mac is An excellent option to play some games.

Macbook For Games. Is it worth?

We must bear in mind that if we want certain titles to work without frights, we must choose a computer that has a graphics card that can be up to par (which will be quite expensive).

Therefore, if we are looking for strong experiences in which the graphics are the great central attraction, stop dreaming about the bitten apple and put a large window-shaped symbol on your heads, friends.

The day may come when this article is a fallacy and what have discussed here is no longer more truthful than Rappel’s predictions. Although everything can be, and of illusions, man lives, or so they say.