installation guide and Configuration

A lot of people love PUBG, more correctly, a lot of people now play PUBG worldwide, and that’s a good thing — very few games are as captivating and socially engaging. For some of us players, we might have already noticed that it’s kind of difficult to pick out targets and enemies from the game environment, and we might be looking to fix that for a better gaming experience. PUBG ReShade is a solution to that issue, and with the PUBG ReShade settings, we can literally tweak color properties into something that would enable us spot our targets faster. In this piece, we would go through how to install ReShade settings for PUBG, and the best PUBG ReShade settings there is.

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PUBG ReShade is a method to increase graphics and color saturation (the sort of things needed to “see clearer” in a PUBG battle), and with a few installation steps, it is very easy to use. However, you will be getting better graphics at the expense of Frame Rates, and the color vibrancy increase might not sit well with some; jarring, it might seem.

How To Install PUBG ReShade

Installing the PUBG ReShade is quite easy. It’s obviously the thing to do to get the ReShade working for you. The installation steps are:

  • Visit the official ReShade website
  • Click on the “Download” button (It’s purple, by the way)
  • Once done with the download, click on “Select Game”
  • Find your way to the directory of your game. It’s normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
  • Select TslGame.exe
  • Then, select Direct 3D 10+
  • Click on “Yes” to the two messages that would pop up afterwards.

The installation is complete at this point, and what’s left is to select all the effects you wish to install into your PUBG game. While you might be able to choose some other options, it is recommended to select what is considered to be the best ReShade settings for PUBG. The settings are:

  • Clarity
  • Colorfulness
  • LunaSharpen
  • Vibrance

After selecting these settings, click on the one last “OK” and Hey Presto! Done!

ReShade Configurations for PUBG

After installation, the next step is the configuration for the PUBG game. This is just to make the settings and effects be loaded on the game every time the game is started. The configuration steps are:

  • Open the PUBG game
  • Press “Shift+F2” to view the ReShade configuration window
  • Click on the “+” symbol (you can find that at the top right corner) and type a new name for the pre-set that you’re about to set up.
  • Now, you select the effects you wish to apply (Do this by checking the boxes next to the name of the effect)
  • Press “Shift+F2” to minimize the ReShade configuration window.
  • Your effects are ready to go; they would now be loaded every time you load the game.

ReShade Issues

PUBG ReShade has recently been facing some usage issues. ReShade is no longer allowed in PUBG; but this doesn’t mean if you use it, you’ll get banned, it just means you could now look into some other options to enhance your PUBG gaming sessions.

Besides, PUBG ReShade causes a slight drop in frame rates, so if you’re particular about Frame rates, you’ll definitely be better off with other options. The other options there are is to configure overall vibrancy in the graphics card directly.

For NVIDIA Graphics Card, you can use the NVIDIA Freestyle and Digital Vibranceto configure graphic enhancements; while for AMD graphics cards, you can use the tool VibranceGUIto configure and activate the settings once a PUBG gaming session is activated. These options improve things such as Hue and Saturation in the game while still keeping the Default frame rates, however, PUBG ReShade does a better job at graphic and visual enhancements, and if you’re willing to forgo some Frame rates, it is the best for visual and graphic enhancements.