Rainbow Six Siege — The Best Graphics Settings and Optimizing Mouse Sensitivity

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular FPS games played online. The game attracts a huge fan-following across the globe with a classic Ops vs Counter-Ops gameplay. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons of success of this game is the tactical scenarios which emphasize on a team-based workforce.

If you have ever played First-person shooters game on online forum, you will definitely understand the importance of frame-rates to become the best in the game. Rainbow Six Siege is no different, which is why it is likely that you will be looking to adjust the settings into the perfect balance of optimized performances and bearable visuals.

Rainbow Six Siege — The Best Graphics Settings

Optimizing Visuals and Frame Rates

Prior to looking into the in-game settings, it is important to optimize your system and your GPU settings to enhance performance. While configuring in-game Rainbow Six Siege graphics settings, it would be foolish to turn everything to maximum, even on a high-end PC, since it will affect the visuals which are very important to be optimized for FPS gameplay. This guide will help you optimize the best Rainbow Six Siege settings.

Resolutions – Resolution is primarily the most important configuration which exclusively affects your performance. 1920 * 1080 is always recommended for FPS gaming.

Ambient Occlusion – Ambient Occlusion is performance-intensive and is recommended to be kept off.

Antialiasing – Antialiasing is the enemy of FPS gamers and is always kept off in the best Rainbow Six Siege settings.

Lens Effect – Should be kept off for optimal performance.

Level of Detail – LOD is very important in Rainbow Six Siege and is recommended to be kept at High for best experience.

Reflection Quality – Perks like reflection do not come handy in online gaming so it should be kept off.

Shading Quality and Shadow Quality – Rainbow Six Siege gameplay relies heavily on graphics and one of the main reasons is the shading and shadow for tactical purposes. It is recommended to be kept at Medium or High.

Texture Quality – As mentioned earlier, texture is of utmost importance in Rainbow Six Siege. It is recommended to kept at High or Medium in most cases.

Zoom-In Depth of Field – It is recommended to be kept off to improve at least 4-5 frames per second.

Rainbow Six Siege — The Best Graphics Settings

Optimizing Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity plays a great role in FPS games. Many different Rainbow Six Siege pro settings recommends different mouse sensitivity. Here we have mentioned the pro settings adopted by Astro in Rainbow Six Siege.

Gear – Astro uses the incredible BenQ XL2420TE monitor for incredible frame rates along with a Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse that can comprehend 800 DPI data.

Field of View – This feature is subjective in the gameplay. However, Rainbow Six Siege pro settings recommend 80-90 degrees field of view.

Sensitivity – The recommended Rainbow Six Siege mouse sensitivity by Astro is 12 on both Horizontal and Vertical axis.

With plenty of dials and knobs to adjust your Rainbow Six Siege pro settings, the game is capable of running on a variety of hardware which can explain the popularity. The above mentioned graphics and sensitivity settings will definitely enhance your gameplay experience to a great extent and help you improve your performance in Rainbow Six Siege.