The Best Controller For Gaming: XBOX One vs PS4

Microsoft and Sony have been in a constant rivalry in console gaming for almost two decades. Both these console platforms have built up their brands around their retro products Xbox and PlayStation respectively. Still, both of these consoles remain top grossing gaming consoles in the world.

The era of console gaming has evolved with graphics and gameplay and both these platforms have upheld their ends of continuous rivalry. Microsoft introduced Xbox One as its brand console capable of high-end gaming while Sony evolved PlayStation to its fourth generation. Both these gaming platforms are still one of the best in their category.

One of the most fascinating products from both these competitive companies is the evolution of gaming controllers. Microsoft markets Xbox One S controller under its brand while Sony has introduced DualShock 4 as its trademark. Unlike their previous generations, both these controllers have evolved from being console exclusive to compatibility on PCs.

Both these controllers are big improvements to the DualShock 3 and the Xbox 360 controller. In comparison to each other, they differ in design, customizability and most importantly the feel of the controller. Because of this, the better one for gaming for one person may not necessarily be it for someone else, and as such it will all depend on your preference.

The Best Controller For Gaming: XBOX One vs PS4

Design and Comfort

Without changing its design significantly since it hit the stage decades ago, the DualShock 4 is aesthetically pleasing and it still leans on as a futuristic controller. Whereas Xbox One S controller is sleeker and more modern and a bit heavier as compared to its previous generation. In addition to their nice looks, both are well built and sure to last long.

In comparison, there is no doubt that Xbox One S controller is the clear winner. Although DualShock is very comfortable in its own, Xbox controllers are ergonomically designed for better hand grip. The Xbox One controller’s curved triggers meet fingertips with a comfortable familiarity and we liked the response from its new magnetic sensors. Moreover, Xbox One has the complete edge over DualShock 4 controller in texture as it doesn’t feel tiring to the hand even after using for a very long time.

How They Feel

The Sony DualShock 4 has a curvier and much more streamlined body featuring 18 buttons. With a much bigger impression than the Dual Shock, Xbox One S controller comes with 17 buttons. Much like its predecessor, Xbox controller has an innovative and much more stylish ambiance in hands.

The Best Controller For Gaming: XBOX One vs PS4

The Xbox One and PS4 controllers retain their iconic ABXY and triangle, circle, square and X buttons, with both sets offering enough resistance to avoid accidental presses. The Xbox One controller’s ABXY buttons are a little curved compared to the PS4 controller’s flatter ones, but there isn’t as much difference in its usage.

The main visible difference between both these controllers come at the analogue sticks. DualShock 4 has asymmetric analogue sticks which are a little stiff and comparatively responsive. Xbox One S controller, on the other hand, have a traditionally located analogue controls but not as responsive to the PS controller. Such controllers prove ideal for Battle Royale games like Fortnite Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360’s Start and Select buttons have been booted for new View and Menu alternatives. The right Menu brings up in-game menus while the View button switches between views and provides more information while gaming. Similarly, the DualShock 4 controller now has a Share button for convenient sharing of screenshots and videos, along with an Options button for menu display.

The D-pads of the PS controller is not all joined together makes it easier for transitioning and it produces less sound when pressed. Compared to its previous generation, the D-Pads happen to be bigger and easier to navigate. In comparison, the directional pads on Xbox One S controller are much more responsive. However, the transition is not as smooth.

Both these controllers are extremely responsive and well-managed according to their needs but the overall ergonomic design of Xbox One S controller shifts the odds in the favor of the controller.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Both controllers are wirelessly adaptable with its source. Both these controllers have a headphone jack installed in the body that can transmit audio through a wired source. However, Xbox One S controller is much more universal in its connectivity and can transmit audio signals on almost all Bluetooth adapters. DualShock 4, in contrast, requires the official Sony Bluetooth dongle for wireless audio connectivity.

The Best Controller For Gaming: XBOX One vs PS4

Battery Life

Although both these controllers are capable of lasting for almost 4-8 hours of constant gameplay, the Dual Shock 4 has a rechargeable battery of 1000 mAh. It has an advantage in this department over the Xbox One controller that requires two AA batteries that are removable. However, the battery recharging sessions in PS4 controller can be a little annoying and the only good thing here about the Xbox controller since it exhibits a decent and long-lasting battery life.

The Innovative Touch Pad

One of the most unique things about the PS4 controller is the integration of touchpad over the controller. It allowed new players to experience the unexperienced by swiping gestures on the touchpad, which let them interact with their games more than before. Comparing PS4 controller vs Xbox One controller, the latter does not have this functionality and seems to be technologically outdated to its rival.

Experiencing FPS Shooter Games with Motion Detection

FPS games are trending in the gaming community with the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. More and more gamers are attracted to these games every day. Consequently, PlayStation defined a new realm with the motion detection feature in its controllers. With built-in gyroscope and accelerometer features, this motion detection is capable of aiming with the movement of the controller. It’s very sensitive and that’s why DualShock 4 is the most chosen controller for FPS games. On the other hand, Xbox One S controller lacks these features and is a huge step back in the gameplay.

Keeping all the factors discussed above in mind, it can be safely deduced that PS4 controller: the DualShock 4 is the clear winner. Although the Xbox controller is more comfortable in its ergonomic design and may be a little precise, but the technological innovations like touchpad and motion detection in the DualShock 4 is a major win for the Sony.