The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne 2 is another most awaited game in the gaming industry. It is an upcoming action game published by SCE.

Unfortunately, there is not much announced made by the developer regarding the game. But we have got some news, Rumors and other information that we would like to share with you.

FromSoftware is working on multiple new games that they have not revealed yet, and Bloodborne 2 is not among those games.

Which means that Gamers have to wait for a very long time for Bloodborne 2 because the developers will release the other two games first and after that, they will start working on Bloodborne 2.

The first edition of the game received a lot of love as well as criticism. Some people complained that it’s a really hard game to play. However, it was fun to play.

Bloodborne 2 Releasing Date

FromSoftware released their first version of Bloodborne in 2015. Due to graphics, Theme, and story, this game become one of the most favorite game among many gamers.

 Now gamers are very much exciting about it sequel Bloodborne 2. But when the 2nd edition of this game is releasing? Well, the releasing date of the game is not announced yet. 

As the era of PS4 is coming to an end and PlayStation 5 is going to release at the end of the year 2020, so the news is coming out that Sony wishes to release this game for PlayStation 5. Which means that Bloodborne 2 fans will have to wait for a minimum of 2 more years to play the game.

Bloodborne 1 has earn a right amount of fans base on PS4, and now the developers are looking forward to gain the same or more amount of fans with the new sequel of the game on PS5.

However, there is no such official news like that. So we have to wait until the report is officially declared.

Bloodborne 2 Teaser

FromSoftware released a very short teaser of a game at the Game Awards 2. The short trailer was very mysterious, and fans went pretty much excited after watching the trailer.

It doesn’t present any idea or theme of the game, but it contains a tagline as “Shadows die twice.” Fans were thinking that it was a teaser of Bloodborne 2, but it doesn’t happen to be.

Basically, that short trailer was of a newly launched game by FromSoftware named Sekiro. People still do believe that the trailer has some relation with a Bloodborne 2 game because the teaser does resemble with the original bloodborne game.

You may find many trailers of Bloodborne 2 on YouTube and other internet websites that claim to be the official teaser. However, there is no such trailer released by the official authorities of the game, which mean that all the trailer are the fake one.

The game management is not doing any work regarding the publicity of the game. There could be two reasons for that. Firstly, the game may be going to releases a bit later so they might think that they have much time to advertise it.

 Or they believe that the first part has gained so much popularity that the second part will not need any publicity.

The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne 2 News

Gamers love the mechanics and theme of the original Bloodborne due to which they wanted to play the game again and again. But still, people want to see an entirely new setting in the latest bloodborne sequel.

Rumors are coming out that there may be a lot of changes in the setting. It may have some kind of eastern setting to add a fresh look to the game.

Weapons and combat are among the most liked things about the Bloodborne game. The game has some quick and strong battle that people love to play.

News are arising that the new Bloodborne 2 will have a lot of new weapons and combat that would be worth experiencing. We would be able to see a lot more long-range weapons in the new game.


The platform is another important thing that can help a game to gain more fans base. The first edition of the game was only released for a single platform PS4.

Most of the people don’t like that thing because if you want to play Bloodborne, you must have a PS4. PC, Switch, and Xbox users were not able to experience thing masterpiece.

There is much news regarding the platform of the upcoming 2nd edition of Bloodborne game. News is saying that Bloodborne 2 might be a multiplatform game, which means that PC, Xbox, Switch, and other platform users will also be able to play this fantastic game.

But it’s not officially confirmed, so we have to wait until the official announces the platforms. However, if the news came true, it will be suitable for both the players as well as the game.

 Gamers will able to experience the game on multiples platform, which will increase the audience of the Bloodborne series.

The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Bloodborne 2


In Bloodborne 1 the user has a character of a hunter that moving through a city of Yharnam named as the gothic city.

A horrible disease has attack the whole town, and the hunter has to fight the disease as well as the monsters in the game.

So we can say that the theme of Bloodborne 2 will also revolve around the same story. However, to know the specific theme and story, we have to wait for the official announcement.

Final Word

Bloodborne 2 will be another masterpiece in the gaming market. However, the game is not out yet, but if you want to get a short concept of the game, you can play the first edition.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell much news because the officials have not revealed much about the game although we have shared all the details that we have heard from some valid authorities.

There are many rumors, so it difficult to know what is true and what’s not. In case we get more news regarding the game we will try to keep you update.