The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Luigi’s Mansion 3

The developers Nintendo EAD start the Luigi’s Mansion game series back in 2001 featuring the two popular character Mario and Luigi.

This game was able to sell over twenty million copies within a very short time and was the 5th most selling game of the GameCube.

Due to the popularity of the game, the developers have decided to release the third edition of the Luigi’s Mansion series.

But when the game is releasing? And what to expect in it? Below are all the answers related to the Luigi’s Mansion 3 game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Release date

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an upcoming game that is going to publish on Oct 31 in 2019. It is an action-adventure horror game featuring multiples character.

Like the previous two versions of the game, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will able be available for the Nintendo Switch users only. While the Windows, Xbox, PS4 users will not be able to play this game on their respective platform. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trailer

Luigi’s Mansion 3 trailer was published on Jun 11, 2019, on the official channel of Nintendo. The trailer reflects a lot of things about the game, including the game theme and various new features.

However, the game trailer starts at the Luigi entrance to the beautiful hotel. Luigi decided to stay at the hotel with his brother Mario and a few more characters.

But soon he starts observing different paranormal activities within the hotel which scared the whole group.

Though with different material and with the help of other members Luigi starts facing the ghosts and start defeating them. The ghosts are aggressive and can move through walls and other obstacles without any effort.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay

The gameplay of Luigi’s Mansion is quite similar to the previous version of the game. But this time the developers have added some extra open-end structure in the game. However, in the last two versions, the user will see more pre-defined missions in the game.

The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Luigi’s Mansion 3

 The game character Luigi which, the user will be able to control, will explore the large hotel in which they are staying. Each floor of that hotel may contain different missions, theme, and mechanics.

 You will have to be aware of the ghost characters that will try to scare you during the various moment in the game.

Other than this, a feature named as ScareScraper will enable up to eight players to experience the game together online and locally.

Equipment and features

With different equipment and features in the game, the user will be able to encounter the ghosts.

Luigi’s new Poltergust G-oo equipment includes a strong suction capability that will help the character to suck all the ghosts into the machine that comes near him.

This Poltergust G-oo also contains many new features including slams, sucking shot, Suction Shot, Burst sand Gooigi.


After capturing the ghosts, slam it onto the ground, which will cause much damage to that creature. Moreover, during the slamming process, if any ghost comes near the character, you can also kill them by slamming a ghost onto the other ghosts.

Sucking shot

The other useful feature is the suction shot which gets attached to a material. You just need to pull the end of the equipment which will destroy the material thoroughly. It is also useful with different materials that a ghost is holding.


 Other than this, sometimes ghosts will approach the character in groups and try to harm the character. These ghost groups will increase their strength, and it may become difficult to kill them.

The Game We Can't Wait To Play: Luigi’s Mansion 3

But with the help of the Burst features, the user can easily cause much damage to multiples ghosts at once. This burst is also helpful when the character needs some air.


Other fantastic features in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 game are Gooigi feature. It is the latest invention from Professor E. Gadd’s to make thing easier for Luigi. This features will allow the user to shift among Luigi and Gooigi character without any effort.

The best thing is that Gooigi is able to do many thing which Luigi can’t do. Like Gooigi can move through different obstacles, walk through walls and many other amazing things.

But one thing you need to look after is that Gooigi doesn’t mix with mater and that liquid can cause damage to the character.

The Final Word

Luigi Mansion 3 will also include many new features that are not revealed by the official. Gamers will be able the see all those new features on the release.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is definitely going to be a masterpiece from the Nintendo. In this article, all the news that we have received regarding the Luigi’s Mansion 3 is published. However, if we get any further news, we will let you know.