What Do I Choose For Gaming: Laser vs Optical Mouse

A mouse is among an essential component of a computer. Many things cannot be done without a mouse. I still remember the time when we use to handle the trackball mice in order to do all the task.

But gone are those days because technology has shown a lot of progress. Due to the advancement of technology, there are a variety of mouse currently available in the market.

What Do I Choose For Gaming: Laser vs Optical Mouse

Laser and Optical technology mouse are among the most popular mice used in the present. So among Laser and optical mouse which one is the best for gaming?

In this article, I will give an in-depth review of both these mice that will let you know which one is best for gaming.


The working of both these mice is pretty much similar. Both these product use a CMOS sensor, which helps this device to analyze the surface on which they are placed.

The sensor determines the rate of the motion by catching many images in a single second. The difference in both this mouse comes when we talk about the light.

The optical mouse operates with LED light while on the other hand laser light is used in the laser mouse.


An essential factor that determines the qualities of the mouse in gaming is accuracy. It tells about the accuracy of a mouse to analyze the surface on which you are using it on. This is the point where you may encounter a huge difference in both these mice.

An optical mouse is much more accurate in comparison to the laser mouse because sometimes the laser mouse analyzing the surface more than it is needed, which is not good in gaming.

However, the optical mice cannot operate well on all the surface because the LED light used in these devices usually get reflected on the glassy surface, which will disturb the accuracy.

Furthermore, if we talk about the sensitivity of both these products, you will not see a much gap. The sensitivity of all the mice is measured in DPI, and the DPI of many optical and laser mice are quite similar.

What Do I Choose For Gaming: Laser vs Optical Mouse

Moreover, the DPI is not a crucial factor now due to the improvement in CMOS sensors. Other than these, if we talk about the price, there is not much difference.

You can get a laser or optical mouse at a few dollars up to several hundred dollars depending on your need.

Hundred dollars mouse usually contain some extra buttons that are usually not needed in most of the games. So instead of buying expensive mice, try to invest your money on a budget-friendly mouse.

Final Words

If you are a gamer and are confuse between both these mice, then you must go for an optical mouse because it offers more accuracy as compared to other mice.

 In case you want to use the mouse for normal use then you can go for a laser mouse as well.

But always remember that laser mouse can work on all the surface, but the optical mouse only operates at particular surfaces that don’t reflect the light.