What Do I Choose For Gaming: Liquid vs Air Cooling

In case you are a high-end gamer, or you do something that involves a high clocking work, then you must need a good cooler in order to maintain the temperature of your system.

Air CPU coolers were quite famous in the past, but now they have a competition with a name of Liquid CPU cooler. The working principle of both these devices is a bit different, but their goal is the same.

So with the multiples options present in the market which CPU cooler to choose? In this article, we will make a detailed comparison among these CPU coolers that will clear all the doubts.

How Does Air Cooler Work?

The working principle of the Air cooler is simple in comparison to the liquid cooler. This device depends on two elements, a fan and the heatsink.

What Do I Choose For Gaming: Liquid vs Air Cooling

The heatsink is a component that is composed of materials like aluminum or copper that is extremely thermo-conductive elements. These highly thermo-conductive substances move all the heat that is generated by different CPU components away from it.

But the heatsink can only absorb a particular amount of heat which after releasing it, the device again start absorbing the heat. Now the working of fan starts at this moment.

The fan keeps on running and ensure that a cooler air keeps on running through the heatsink. This process prevents the heat sink from overheating.

How Does Liquid Cooling Work?

The liquid cooler also knows as the CPU water cooler include a complex working principle in comparison to the air cooler. This device has four major parts, including a pump, hoses, radiator, and a fan.

What Do I Choose For Gaming: Liquid vs Air Cooling

All these four components play their respective part to keep the system temperature maintained. Just like the air cooler, the liquid cooler also tries to keep the heatsink cooler, but instead of air, it uses a liquid to do so.

Water or some other substance is used as a liquid and that liquid move through the hoses. The hoses are connected to all the elements of the computer that needed to be cool.

But the liquid also gets hotter and also need something like the heatsink to dissipate the heat. At this moment, the radiator comes in. The fan is also installed to keep the air cooler.

Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling

Before spending your money on any of these CPU coolers, the first thing you need to know is the component of your computer, and your need.

Each computer with a different component will usually release a different amount of heat, which will increase the temperature of the system. The temperatures of the system will also depend upon the usage.

If you are spending more and more time on your system doing some high processing work then definitely you will need a CPU cooler with much higher performance.


If we compare CPU water cooler with the air cooler, you will see a much greater difference. The liquid cooling is much more powerful and efficient in comparison to the air cooling system.

This is because of the fact that a greater volume of liquid can move easily to make thing cooler. But one important thing that you need to ask yourself is, why do you need the extra cooling system?

If you don’t do some massive procession working on your pc, then air cooling will be enough.

Even if you do a smaller overclocking work still the air cooling with be fine with it. However, if the overclocking is higher, then you must definitely choose the liquid cooler.


When we talk about efficiency, then liquid cooling has a clear edge, but in terms of price, the air cooler is more affordable as compared to the liquid cooler.

The low cost of an air cooler is because it requires less manufacturing cost, which makes it a cheaper device.


If you have ever deal with the system hardware, then you must be aware of this fact that the liquid cooling is much complicated to install and may demand some professional assistance.

On the other hand, if we talk about the air cooler, it is easy to install and even a person will less knowledge can install it without much effort. Still, if you find any problem in fixing any of the components, you should go to the hardware shop.


So the question is liquid cooling worth it? If you are planning to do some massive overclocking work, then you can go for the liquid or water cooling system.

But if you are going to use your computer for normal work, then you must choose an air cooling system because it is affordable and will save some money.

Moreover, if the computer case you are using has a limited airflow, then you can install liquid cooling because limited airflow case will need a better cooling system.