What Is Driverscape

Drives help different hardware devices to connect with your computer OS. In the absence of drives, the computer will not be able to receive or send data to various devices like a keyboard.

Manufacturers usually release an updated version of a drive after some time. But many user fear of updating it because they believe that updating drives online or from the third party can affect their system.

Well at some point they are right, so the question is should we use some third party option like Driverscape to install or update the drivers.

What Is Driverscape?

Driverscape is a third party huge database of free drivers including graphics cards drive, USB, printers and other devices drives. The Driverscape’s team has arrange all the drivers manually from various official manufacturer sites.

Team has categorized all the drives according to the device section. It is like the best online shop for all the possible drives that are available for free for all the users.

The Driverscape said that all the drives are WHQL certified and they have examined all the drivers individually.

The best thing about the site is that it provides all the historic drivers for hardware that are now not supported or updated by the developers.

Driverscape offer driver update features for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and 10 that examines your system and provide the option to download and install them.

Should We Use Driverscape?

There are many driver providers available in the market. You can also get driver update or installation for official manufacture.

However, they might charge you a few dollars, but few manufacturers provide free drivers and it’s a safer option to choose because there is no risk of virus.

So you should ask yourself that what is the need to get drivers from a third party software when you can obtain the same drivers from the official manufactures?

Windows also keep some of the necessary hardware up-to-date through different drivers that are offered by Microsoft. So you might not find a need to update drivers manually for various devices.

In case the windows fail to provide update or installation of a driver then the first option that is provided is the support page of the device maker site where you can find an updated version of a driver.

By doing this, you restrict the Trojans, rootkits, and malware from entering your system that can get into your PC using a third party site or driver.

You can get many drivers for free from the manufacturers. Like the NVIDIA graphics, cards driver can be installed for free from the AMD Radeon Software or from their official site.

Is Driverscape Safe?

Driverscape is a third party site that provides free drivers, and I would never recommend you to use a third party site to install drivers.

This third-party software can be another mean to invite a considerable amount of problems for your computer. Third party drivers may include some spyware, malware, and other kinds of virus that will surely harm your system.

They are the prime way to get access to your computer using malware and spyware.  Moreover, the Driverscape can also scan for outdated drivers to be installed on your computer without knowing about the demand for your hardware.

The installation of these outdated drivers may lead to many unexpected problems and instability in your system. But Windows takes care of all the security issue through regular updates.

You may get an update from windows if your drivers are outdated or windows might update it by itself. But that is not the case with third party software providers like Driverscape.

Driverscape primary purpose is to provide the user free drivers. The website doesn’t care about the security issue or vulnerabilities that may be present out there.

These security problems might cause a severe problem to your system, and it can even damage your hard disk drive.

Driverscape For Rare Drivers

Sometimes you might be searching for a driver that is not present on famous sites or platforms then you can go for Driverscape. Driverscape can help the user to hunt down many old drivers that are not even available on manufacturers support page.

In case for some reason, you are finding a sound driver that was created in the early 2000s, you will not find it on any official site, and it will be even challenging to find it on the internet.

But Driverscape might help you to obtain that driver easily. However, before installation driver for the site, make sure to install the latest anti-virus that will surely prevent your system for numerous dangerous malware.

Scan these drivers so that you don’t regret after installing it. So I would never suggest you to use Driverscape for downloading and installation of drivers.

But if you are struggling to find a particular driver, then you can try Driverscape after installing good anti-virus software.