What Is Green Man Gaming?

In need of a new game but wondering if Green man gaming legit? In this article, we are going to provide you with a Green man gaming review so you can decide if it is safe for you.

As a gamer, you need access to a reputable store where you can buy digital games and their keys safely. Green man gaming is one of the most trustworthy online digital games stores where you can get video games and keys legally. So is Green man gaming legit? Let us start by first introducing what green man gaming is.

What Is Green Man Gaming?

Like we emphasized earlier, Green man gaming is an online digital game store that boasts of a wide gaming catalog which includes PC games (for Windows and Mac). PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3Ds, XBOX One and lots more. They are located in the UK but they render their services mostly outside the UK (195 countries and 16 different currencies).

Green man gaming was started selling officially in 2010 and can today be considered one of the most reputable online Video game retailers. On their website, they boast of a wide range of digital games (over 7000 games) which you can search for using genres. A quick search on their website will yield tons of results categorizing them with different search options like bestsellers, games that are coming soon and many more.

What Is Green Man Gaming?

Green man gaming specializes mainly on gaming keys which can be redeemed on other notable gaming platforms like Steam, Uplay, and others. Green man gaming obtains their keys from publishers and third-party distributors.

Green man gaming has in their staffs’ ex Sony alumni and they have official partnerships with Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment. They have also released their line of games for PC and OS X over the years.

Is Green Man Gaming Safe to Buy From?

A common problem for gamers who purchase game keys from online stores is that sometimes these codes just do not work. And without these game keys, users can not play the game. More online stores pop up every day claiming to sell game key but in the end, it is discovered that they are all fake and they are all looking for ways to scam buyers out of their money. These trend has become common and has made gamers wary of buying game keys online.

Green man gaming has been selling game keys for buyers since 2015 without any problem. They have proven to be a trustworthy source of legitimate game keys for gamers over the years.

But why are people really worried about the legality of buying game keys from Green man gaming all of a sudden? This is due to a controversy that occurred in 2015 when the developer and producer of the game “Witcher 3” video game released a statement accusing green man gaming of selling an unofficial game key of their game and also asking their customers not to purchase from them. This is because Green man gaming sold the game for $39 while the official price was $60. Also, a post on Reddit claimed that Green man gaming was selling unofficial game keys for their buyers. The post claimed that the gaming platform source for their keys from third parties who obtain the keys illegally. To make things worse some reputable game manufacturers like Activision, CD Projekt Red, and Ubisoft announced that Green Man gaming was not authorized by them to sell their game keys.

The news of this spread like wildfire prompting Green man gaming CEO, Paul Sulyok, to issue an official statement to debunk the rumors.

Sulyok said: ‘’We reiterate that we source our keys from a range of over 400 publishers, developers, and distributors to meet customer’s demands on a title by title basis.

 Let’s be clear here; there is a difference between being an authorized retailer for some titles, and being a retailer selling keys that have been sourced responsibly through authorized third parties with revenue going back to the publisher. If a key unlocks, it is an authentic key.

 This isn’t a perfect science as human error can affect the supply chain. Where possible, we work directly with publishers and distributors to make sure customers have the very best experience with us.’

To offer more transparency to their service after this incident they started including sourcing details of keys on all their games. Meaning on each game they state indicates if they sourced it from publishers or third parties. They also included the exact date buyers will receive their game keys when purchased.

Final Verdict: Green Man Gaming Is Legit

Yes, green man gaming is one of the most trustworthy game keys sellers available and they are as safe as steam. As we have discussed in this article it is clear that the legality of the keys purchased from this platform is not up for debate. They offer game keys at very affordable prices when compared to other online game retailers. Now is the chance for you to get the game on your wish-list without worry about scams.