Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn

For gaming, Windows is the ultimate operating system. Developed and maintained by Microsoft, there are plenty of reasons Windows became the popular platform for playing all the latest and greatest games of history.

The first and foremost, DirectX. It’s the ultimate framework for game developers that allows taking the maximum advantage of the platform. With the latest release of DirectX 12, Microsoft really turned the table. It supports better low-level support, allowing devs to optimize the games to the fullest.

Next, the driver support. Almost all the major hardware vendors offer better integration and the maximum compatibility of drivers into the Windows ecosystem.

Gaming on Windows 10

As the ultimate platform, Windows 10 is currently the latest release. With the introduction of Windows 10, things have changed a lot. Microsoft plans to support Windows 10 infinitely, being the latest and final release in the Windows lineup. That’s a HUGE relief for the consumers. No need to get a new system every couple of years for the latest features and bug fixes with critical security improvements.

In its lifecycle, Microsoft also plans to add all the necessary features. For gamers, there’s also a built-in feature – the “Game Mode”. Added back in 2017, it promises to make Windows 10 more fine-tuned for gaming.

What is Game Mode?

Windows Gaming Mode is designed to boost the in-game performance and the overall gaming experience. It focuses on improving the FPS count and delivering a consistent gaming experience.

If you’re a gamer, you already know how the FPS drop hampers the experience. Say, you’re playing fine for the time. You’re ready to defeat the final boss. Suddenly, the game can become completely unplayable. The FPS drops, the game lags, the responsiveness drops and surely, you’re not happy about that.

Game Mode tries to squeeze every single drop of performance out of your hardware. It shifts the resource priority to your game. It can also pause other incoming notifications and even stop Windows Updates!

How to turn on Game Mode Windows 10

For being able to enjoy the Windows 10 Game Mode, you have to have Windows 10, especially Windows 10 version 1709 or later. The latest version of Windows 10 is always recommended. Let’s see how to turn on game mode windows 10

  • Go to Start menu >> Settings.
Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn
  • From the page, go to Gaming.
Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn
  • On the left panel, select “Game Mode”.
Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn
  • Turns out, my system already supports “Game Mode”. In other cases, you can either choose to enable the feature or keep it disabled.
Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn

Using the Game Bar

It’s the official way you can actually understand the presence of the “Game Mode”. For popping up the Game Bar, once you’re inside a game, press “Win + G”.

Windows 10 Game Mode: How to Turn

You’ll notice the bar that allows taking screenshots, recording the gameplay, broadcasting it to the network and so forth.

Limitations of Game Mode

While Game Mode is a brilliant feature of Windows 10, it doesn’t help a lot in terms of real performance gains.

In some cases, it may not even recognize some games. In that case, you have to manually add the game by going to “Settings” >> “Remember this is a game” from the Game Bar.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Game Mode.